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    In Good Faith-based, Focus First, To Persevere
    The company specializing in the production of paver conveyor shaft, auger shaft, hanger, drive plate, sprocket, flange, up tight shaft, guide wheel, coupling, chain, floor, protection, ironing floor, track shoes , Leaves and other accessories. Agent MANN-FILTER, Vickers Filter, Donaldson Filters, Fleetguard Filters, Perkins Filters, etc .. Suitable for use with these pavers Equipment: Trinity, Dynapac, V?GELE, VOLVO, ABG, Zoomlion, XCMG, Tianjin heyday, sales of BMW roller accessories, welcomed the new and old customers to visit our factory guidance.
    Service Hotline:15205218866 / 15380180500 / 0516-87890456Address:Xuzhou Jinshanqiao Development Zone Huaihai Hardware & Electrical Market No. 123, Building 5, West District
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